Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 8

Tasks: More drywall, clearing out back yard, drylock painting
Hours: 10
Who: Ilana and Dan
Sunday was a great day, with a lot accomplished.

First, we cleared more drywall out of the dining room. Next, we removed piles of debris that had accumulated in the back yard. We also finally cleared out enough drywall that we can see from room to room. My favorite task was painting the basement. Instead of destroying something, we actually made something pretty!

We used white drylock paint to seal the concrete block in the basement. There was some dampness down there due to improper water drainage in the rest of the house. Painting was tough, as the surface is rough and slow to absorb. We had purchased a paint sprayer, but the drylock is too thick, as it has sand in it. Dan did a lot of the painting, as it took a lot of arm strength, while I stuck to detail work and clearing out more drywall.

The basement looks great, though! It was so gratifying to finally have something look pretty. =)



Illana I love your blogs, looking forward to your future udates.

Jamie said...

Hey girl! Things are looking good! You are so lucky to have Handy-dandy Dan as a husband! You guys will have that place in tip-top shape before you know it!