Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 9

Tasks: Tear out drywall, ceilings, insulation from second floor
Hours: 6
Who: Tara, Goober, Sulli, Lionell, Ilana

On the way to the house, I bought a mini-fridge and some accompanying libations. I figure that Dan and I can reuse the fridge for a game room or guest room in the new house, but for now, it was fun to stock. And after stepping back and realizing it looked like college, we were ready to go!

Thank you to Tara, Goober, Sulli, and Lionell for incredible work! We finished off all bedrooms and ceilings on the second floor. The guys did the tearing (i.e. mess-making), and Tara and I carried stuff down to the dumpster (i.e. clean up). It was amazing how fast they worked, and things were looking completely different in no time.

Knocking out the ceilings is a messy business, as there is loose insulation directly on top of the drywall. The past owners also had some animals making nests in it, so it was extremely yucky work for the guys. The guys also took down all the doors upstairs, and carried them downstairs to the garage.

We took a break for some beer and pizza, then the crew left, and I stayed behind for a while to do some more clean up work. Let me tell you...that fiberglass stuff is ITCHY.

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